Tough++ /+ serie

SUNBEAMsystem Tough++/+ series represent the latest technology on the market. This is reflected in both the astonishing yield per square meter and the long lifespan compared to other solar panels

Tough series

SUNBEAMsystem’s unique solar panels – now even more sustainable.
Tough is the new revolutionary surface with unparalleled Double UV® protection.

Quick Fix series

SUNBEAMsystem Quick Fix with snap fastener – German LOXX® connectors made of stainless steel for mounting on canvas or hard surfaces. The solar panel is mounted semi-permanently and can be removed when desired.

Maxa/ Nordic serie

SUNBEAMsystem offers a wide range of specialized flexible solar panels. For normal use there are the Maxa and Nordic panels, which with their excellent specifications belong to the top segment of the market.

Charge controlles and accessories